Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Laurie Halse Anderson--Excellent Author!

Last Friday during our lunch time book club, I randomly picked up a book off our shelf entitled Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson. Anderson is a well-known author for young adults...some of her other titles include Speak and Chains. Speak was made into a movie that stars Kristen Stewart, by the way. It's a GREAT book for young ladies especially who may have been through something traumatic and aren't sure how to cope. But I am getting sidetracked. Fever 1793 is a historical novel based on a devastating event in early American history---the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia in 1793. Now, I have always LOVED historical fiction...I wish I could get more of you guys hooked! I couldn't put down Fever 1793 down until I finished it over the weekend. Even though Mattie lived over two hundred years ago, I think girls will still be able to relate to her as a young teenage girl. And even though you may not have experienced anything like what she went through, I think you will be glued to the pages to see how she deals with her life as she knew it falling completely apart...something you might possibly know a little about. If you've never tried historical fiction, check this one out today!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wrap 'Em Up

Well, boys and girls, it's about time to start thinking about wrapping up the books you're reading and begin bringing them back to the library. Some of you have had books (some of our BRAND NEW BOOKS) checked out for several weeks and even months, so I need you to return those ASAP! Mid-May will be the cut-off for checkouts, so you only have a couple of weeks left to squeeze in some good reading from the PCA library before summer!


I posted a trailer about "Ruined" a few months is another peek at the book with some commentary by the author. Chilling!!

Another Spinetingler!!

Here is another spooky book by Mary Downing Hahn...we have a copy ready to be checked out!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Need a Good Book? Ask Lea!

We have a student at Pearl C. that I believe has read more of our books than I have! Eighth-grader Lea Bouie has become a regular customer of the library and can give you recommendations on all kinds of books and series! She is usually reading about 2-3 books at a time and will be glad to share her expertise with anyone looking for a good book! Lea is especially an expert in the our urban drama and vampire genres.

Another eighth grader, Curtis Fegans, is also a familiar face in the library. Curtis seems to especially enjoy the books along the lines of science fiction and the supernatural. Check with him to see which books are worth your time!

Way to go, Curtis and Lea! You keep me on my toes!! :-)